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Promotion kit

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What: Learning Forward’s 2019 Summer Institutes
Topic: Advancing Equity and Excellence: Aligning College and Career Ready Standards, Curriculum, Instructional Materials, and Effective Professional Learning
When: July 18-21, 2019
Where: Westin Boston Waterfront hotel
Hashtag: #learnfwdinst19
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Each year, schools and districts make decisions about the use of curriculum and instructional materials. However, often the system, which includes professional learning structures to ensure effective implementation, is disjointed and lacks coherence. As a result, education initiatives  may not necessarily lead to the results intended for students, and often exacerbate issues of equity and access to high-quality teaching and learning.

Schools and school systems prioritize equity and excellence when they ensure all students have access to effective teaching and meaningful classroom resources aligned to rigorous career- and college-ready standards.

Learning Forward and Student Achievement Partners, with support from the Carnegie Corporation, are combining expertise to focus on the critical role of selecting and implementing high-quality instructional materials, supporting curriculum-anchored professional learning cycles, and establishing leader capacity and learning systems to ensure all students graduate career and college ready.

Attend the full 4-day Institute

    • Use research to make the “equity and excellence” case for ensuring teachers’ access to high-quality instructional materials and job-embedded professional learning to support successful implementation.
    • Use the Learning Forward team learning cycle to embed deep study and implementation of high-quality instructional materials.
    • Select and implement high-quality instructional materials for language arts, mathematics, and science.
    • Establish a learning plan and agenda for a school, team, and individual for the new school year.
    • Clarify new roles and responsibilities for leaders and a learning plan to support them.
    • Assess the status of learning conditions and support essential to integrate instructional materials, curriculum, and professional learning agenda and plans for addressing the results.
    • Develop framework for a plan to implement a coherent system that supports equity and access to high-quality teaching and learning.

Attendees may choose to attend the full four-day event or select sessions individually or in combination.

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    • Calling all district and school leaders! Have you planned to attend #LearnFwdInst19? If you want to learn with curriculum experts who are supporting districts that have transformed instruction & teaching, then register now!
    • Instructional coaches and #teacherleaders we have you covered for this year’s #SummerPD. Join us in Boston, MA, July 18-21 and leave with a professional learning plan that will change teaching and learning in your school. Learn more: #LearnFwdInst19
    • July 18-21 educators from different parts of the nation will meet to dive deep into the power of integrating instructional materials & #ProfDev. Learn more about why and how you can join them in Boston, MA: #LearnFwdInst19 #SummerPD
    • This summer, July 18-21, 2019, is your chance to investigate effective professional learning’s role in implementing high-quality curricula and instructional materials w/ curricula exerts from @LearningForward & @achievethecore. Learn more: #learnfwdinst19
    • Learn practical processes for identifying, evaluating, selecting, and implementing curriculum materials in different subject areas. Learn about @LearningForward & @achievethecore's Summer Institutes: #LearnFwdInst19

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