Ensuring Equitable Mathematics Instruction

Understanding the Standards and Shifts in Secondary Mathematics


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Download the password-protected learning guide: Ensuring Equitable Mathematics_Learning Guide

Download the password-protected slides from day 1: Ensuring Equitable Mathematics slides day 1

Download the password-protected slides from day 2: Ensuring Equitable Mathematics_slides day 2

Understanding the mathematical standards and shifts increases the purposefulness of equitable mathematics instruction. Explore the research and consider practical, day-to-day strategies that can improve instructional practice and leadership in your school. Learning will be grounded in conversations about the roles that race, bias, and prejudice play in our schools and classrooms.


  • Teachers will understand the language and meaning of the standards and study the mathematical shifts of focus, coherence, and rigor through examining standards-aligned tasks and activities.
  • School leaders will build a deeper understanding of what content is prioritized and dive into the ideas of coherence within and across grades as they build understanding of the structure and meaning of the standards.
  • System leaders will explain how attending to the shifts is an equitable practice in standards-aligned mathematics instruction.

The institute was the best professional development activity I have ever engaged in. The atmosphere created was very conducive to learning.

— Chanda Telleen, Educational Consultant

I have strategies and supports to more effectively lead the change that is happening in my state and my region. I feel prepared to tackle complex issues with facilitation more effectively.

— Norma Gerrell, Learning Forward, TN Affiliate