Strengthening Assessment Literacy to Increase Student Achievement


Learn and apply the use of Evidence Centered Design (ECD) to develop quality formative assessments that better allow educators to drive instructional decisions and to use these assessments to make next-steps instructional decisions. Participants are welcome to bring a draft lesson plan with a formative assessment to work with during application activities; for those that do not bring their own samples, materials will be provided.

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Learning outcomes

  • Develop a deeper understanding of criteria for selecting items and tasks from those provided in curricula and textbooks to best align with learning targets.
  • Deepen understandings and apply ECD to write quality formative items/tasks aligned to college and career ready standards.
  • Use assessments to advance equitable access to learning for all students;
  • Apply understandings of assessment design principles for quality formative assessments to determine next steps to inform instructional decisions.

Knowledgeable and effective presenters, informative presentations, practical experiences and programs shared that can immediately implemented/apply to the population served to improve student’s performance.

— Institute attendee

I have strategies and supports to more effectively lead the change that is happening in my state and my region. I feel prepared to tackle complex issues with facilitation more effectively.

— Norma Gerrell, Learning Forward, TN Affiliate